We the People deserve government that represents working folks, not the capitalist agenda of bankers and corporations. We call for a peace-based democratically controlled economy organizing production to meet people’s needs. We therefore break with the dual parties of the owning class.

*Bail out working people, not the rich. Stop all foreclosures, evictions, repossessions and plant closings. End privatization of public services and property. Expand public works projects to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. House the homeless. Feed the hungry. Provide compassionate care for the ill – support free comprehensive health care as a basic human right.*

*Eliminate poverty through a shorter work week with no cut in pay, doubling the minimum wage, job guarantees, and increasing social safety nets. Guarantee a livable income for those unable to work.  Support union organizing as a right and - support card check union elections. Tax the wealthy and their corporations to fund public programs.*

*Guarantee free public education from preschool through university, including vocational schools and retraining programs.*

*Guarantee equal rights and justice for all. Legislate equal pay for work of equal value. Establish equal marriage rights for all. Defend individual sexual orientation and the LGBT community.  Protect women’s rights to abortion and other reproductive services. Support affirmative action. Guarantee full rights for immigrant workers and their families regardless of documentation and end mass deportations. End police brutality and the prison-industrial complex. Free all political prisoners.*

*Make elections meaningful by establishing universal voter registration, improving ballot access, guaranteeing public policy debates over publicly-owned airwaves, and conducting legislative elections by proportional representation.*

*Save our planet. Eliminate destructive energy (oil, coal, natural gas accessed by fracking, nuclear) by converting to renewable energies like solar. Put all energy industries under public ownership. Construct viable public transportation systems in our communities and nationally. Hold corporations responsible for toxics disposal. Implement a hefty environmental tax on polluters.*

*Immediately end all wars. Close all foreign bases and bring our troops and military equipment home. Abolish nuclear weapons. Prosecute war criminals. Renegotiate trade agreements to protect workers, consumers and the environment in each country. Base foreign policy on equality, friendship and solidarity among all peoples.*

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