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Peace and Freedom Alliance

Building a Left presence for the 2012 election and beyond.

The National Organizing Committee held a planning conference on the weekend of December 10th and 11th, 2011, in San Francisco attended by knowledgable activists for independent Left electoral politics.  The primary result was the founding of a new formation to provide an umbrella electoral party in several states similar to the Peace and Freedom Party of California, providing shared rights and responsibilities for various tendencies on the Left.  The gathered delegates voted to adopt the name "Peace and Freedom Alliance". 

Attendees included delegates from the Peace and Freedom Party of California, the Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.  Official observers from Socialist Alternative (which has since formally affiliated with the Peace and Freedom Alliance) and unofficial observers from other groups participated fully in the dicussion on building a united Left alternative for the 2012 elections and beyond. 
NOC affiliate Socialist Organizer sent regrets at being unable to attend.  We will continue outreach to involve more groups and individuals for social change to help build an electoral arm of the movement. 
It is time to organize for a real change.  Contact us to help with ballot access, fundraising, drafting a platform and planning a national convention. 
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